Kasi Arcade - T.Nagar.
This design explores the philosophy of humans being a manifestation of energy. From the entrance the path leading to the finale open office space is treated in the order of evolution of life . Inspirations for the spaces unfolds from the beaches to the city centre . A post-modern take with subtle comical presentation of the modern man and his environs.
A design that takes nature into its lap in its terrace level on the first floor overseeing the multipurpose hall . The house is a contemporary eclectic design where traditional and classical details reside along with the contemporary aesthetically proportionated block forms.
Mr.Ranganathan Residence - Anna Nagar.
Abi Estates - Anna Salai, Chennai.
The Abi estate office interiors have a cool bright captivating lighting design and a neutral material palette with subtle references to the nature of the business based in Chennai.

A two bedroom apartment in a warm colour palette renovating their 40 year old apartment. Predominantly Contemporary style with bouts of eclecticism as focal points. Reused some of their old and classical furniture pieces which was consciously blended and constituted the eclecticism of the space.
Mr.Shanmuganathan Residence - Vepery.
Mr.Suresh Residence - Kodambakkam.
A 2000 sqft of an add-in, reuse and recycle in Interiors created a post-modern ambiance that is chic, uber and luxurious!